About Alquimi Innovations

Alquimi Innovations is a Technology, Engineering and Development company. Specialities include problem solving, web technology, databases, concept development, prototypes, manufacturing, renewable energy and ideation.

alquimi - pronounced like (Alchemy) derived from Latin "Alquimia"

...the science of unbounded exploration, experimentation and the adaption of something obvious...

...into something new

Rene Reyes, President

Bio - Linkedin

RENE REYES is currently Partner, CTO and Director of Research and Development at Renewable Energy Startup Alquimi Solar, LLC., a Westport, CT based developer for solar energy installations, Executive Director of Salton Sea Combined Sustainable Project Group, LLC., and President of Alquimi Innovations, LLC., a New Jersey based company providing designing, engineering, and coordination of solar engineering, hydrogen, software and product design of various fields.

He is also President of Alquimi Innovations, LLC. A privately owned think tank and solutions and design business. Rene works closely with different companies with regard to renewable energy solutions for solar, geothermal, hydrogen, chp, micro-grid and market solutions providing pre-development analysis and system design.

An alumni of Lehman College (NY) with studies in Mathematics and Computer Programming, Rene’s background includes work in aeronautics, mechanical engineering, business development, and technology. He was a Developer for The Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention, President of Fluid Reality Integrators, Inc., and Information Technology Specialist at Time Warner Cable.

His technological specialties are in systems infrastructure, data analysis, mechanical design, and problem solving. He is also a graphic artist, sculptor, and 3 D computer modeler. Rene has a passion for creating and has taken every opportunity throughout his life to turn ideas and fantasy into reality. He holds patents for Solar Racking, has designed solar canopies, easy to assemble snap together racking and solar palm trees as well as a variety of different floating modular racking systems for energy, and food production.

He aspires to build all of his inventions for renewable energy and the other solutions to the challenges the world faces.